Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

addicted with photography

Last year i received a new camera from my dad 
mind you its only a semi-pro cam
i wanted to take some great shots so i researched about photography online
and even looked for a workshop about photography where i can enroll
it really sucks cause i cant even find a decent photography workshop near me
so lucky me when they had this special photography class that my cousin brought me to
i was so excited that i couldnt stop smiling on the way... imagine my shock when i realized that its a workshop intended for elementary and high school kids. 
since i was already there i had no choice but to kill my shyness 
my seatmates were cute little kids from the local elementary and high school wearing uniform harhar
the lecture was great so are the teachers but there's this one guy who totally ruined my fun, he was telling us about this ISO, Aperture yada yada and to try it on so i also volunteered and when i showed it to him smiling like an idiot he didnt even notice me, its like was not there (i think he was noticing my cousin more who's sitting behind me) what a total jerk.
later that day i realized they were going to have a photo contest going around town taking pictures that fits the topic with all the people who attended the workshop, since i didnt want to be caught dead competing with the elementary and highschool kids i ran out of there as fast as i could with my cousin in tow (to me it felt like im so desperate to get an award if i stayed and joined when im competing against kids, so not cool)  the winners picture was supposed to be posted on the municipal hall

my family laughed at me when i told this story to them.
i think whatever photography experience ill have ill probably get it on my own one at a time...
no more workshop for kids for me hahaha

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Harvest Moon Addiction...

I love love love looovee playing harvest moon(friends of mineral town and more friends of mineral town) i always want to keep track of the events and the characters so im currently making some tips and guides for players like me... 

*event calendar done*

Monday, February 7, 2011


Symbols!!! how i love them... don't you? but sometimes its so annoying to remember the shortcuts... so what i do is copy paste them...
△ ▲ ♠ ♣  ∵ ∴ ∷  ♂ ♀ ♥  ♫  ♪  ♭ ♪ ◎ ☺ ☻ ◐◑ ⊕ ¤ ☼ o O ► ◄  ﻬ ஐ ღ ■↔ ↕ ↘╬••●   o┽┊.εїз:‧::‧ ..:*●•♪.‧::‧ °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø ●*∩_∩* ╬ ╠ ╣∷ ღ ∆ Š Õ Ő ő ∞ © ‡ † Ž ஜ ஒ ண இ ஆ ௰
—(•·÷[ ]÷·•)— ·÷±‡±±‡±÷· Oº°‘¨ ¨‘°ºO •°o.O O.o°• (•‘๑’•) ●ω●ஐ 
if you prefer knowing the shortcuts of some special characters here it is...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sick Puppy =(

my dog with the age of 2 months (more like a puppy) got sick... it came as a shock to me cause she was given to me not more than a week ago... 
her sickness made her vomit quite a lot, have diarrhea and anorexia....

*some suggestions for your pet*
For starters i was not a big fan of Gatorade... yes i drink it on very rare occasions but i am not into sports and i don't do much activity that makes me sweat so there's no reason for me to drink something that is well known as a sports drink.. and here i thought that i will not have any use of Gatorade.. i was SO wrong...
  • its very very important to make sure that your pet wont get dehydrated since it will probably make the sickness worse and make them prone to other sickness as well... i researched on the net and found out Gatorade was used by some vets to rehydrate pets i tried it and it worked wonders for my dog... add Gatorade to 3/4 of water.
    • if you couldn't buy Gatorade you can also try water with sugar... its best to use a syringe(w/out needle) since your pet wont have enough strength to eat, much less drink(or some thing that you can easily put liquid in your pets mouth in limited quantities so that you wont drown them) 
    • in case of medicines i only know of antibiotics to give to my pet here's a link to a list of antibiotics that you give to your pet and their description antibiotics commonly used to treat dogs
    • make sure you monitor your pet (in my case i used an alarm clock so i can check on my pet from time to time) and make sure she drinks water/Gatorade... 
    • when your pet wants to eat don't feed her her usual diet since i don't think she can eat it right away... try giving her a bland diet consisting of rice or potato with (boiled)fish or chicken(no bones and no skins)... you can also blend it if your pet couldn't eat solids yet..
    • watch out for your pet in 24-72 hrs if she still doesn't recover by then or if her sickness gets worst go to your vet right away... don't wait for another day since it might be too late then.
    • in case of fever make sure your pet stays warm, use blankets or cloths (i placed my dog in a box with cloths and blanket and also put a lamp near her to keep her warm...*incubation*)
    • if a vet is nearby... don't hesitate to bring your pet right away there 
    • oh and in the case of your pets obvious sign of sickness(vomit, feces and bedding) make sure you clean up after it... soap it (or whatever you use... i also put bleach in it) to make sure its clean... it might be contagious especially if you also have other pets(you wont want them to get infected too)
    • separate your sick pet from your other pets...
    i don't think my list is complete since there's a lot of stuffs out there that i don't know about...  so i encourage you to try and read some other blogs or articles that might help you in curing your pets..

    living in a place where vets are hard to come by made me try home remedies to help my pets recover from whatever sickness they have... so i began researching for things on the Internet that may actually help... some articles are not very helpful, some informative but lacking, and others are just plain ripoff from some others blogs... so it made me quite frustrated and led me to decide to create a blog... maybe, even through a small way i can help pet owners to prevent their pets from dying... what i wrote was just to help until you can get your pets proper help from experts... I'm far from being an expert so I'm not entirely sure that what worked for me will work a 100% for you too...

    i created this blog for the purpose of helping pet owners or to people who, like me couldn't get help from a vet right away... 

    Sunday, January 30, 2011

    First Post

    phew... i didnt know making a blog is so hard... this is actually my first time doing this... first post yay!
    credits to : Itkupilli
    for my wonderful looking blog... visit her page... you'll love it

    writing isnt my passion but i love to try out my writing abilities... i guess this idea came from my frustration from lack of information on some blogs i saw... its my greatest wish to enlighten other people on some topics i was quite frustrated with and that it may help them somehow... 
    oh and great news to the bookworms... i may post here some of my ebooks... i know how hard it is to look for them..